10 Curb Appeal Ideas & Products to Boost Your Home’s Presence and Value

These days, people spend most of their time indoors, and so would probably rather splurge more on a new TV than a new shrubbery. But when buying a home, everyone wants to find a place that looks as beautiful on the outside as it does on the inside.
Whether you’re looking to sell, and want to enhance the curb appeal of your property, or just want to increase the value of your home for years to come, there are many tried and true methods to elevate your home’s exterior.
We’ve picked the top 10 products and ideas for you to take your home’s curb appeal to the next level

First Impressions

McCormick Paints

An outdated color or faded and peeling paint can date your house and even make it look like an eyesore.
A fresh coat of paint in a striking yet timeless color will transform your home more than almost anything else. McCormick Paints creates premium exterior paints made from 100% acrylic latex. Self-priming and long-lasting, with superior color retention, their paint will add incredible value to your home.
This is an expensive project though, so if it’s not in the cards, at least consider giving your house a good pressure wash. You’ll be amazed at how much newer and brighter it seems!

Addresses of Distinction

The first thing guests and neighbors will see as they swing by your house is your mailbox. Most of us don’t think of the mailbox as a high priority in home improvement projects, but a new, uniquely designed one will stand out in peoples’ memories.
Addresses of Distinction builds charming black aluminum mailboxes with vintage detailing and brass house numbers. The aluminum stands up to rust, while still approximating the elegance you’d find in wrought iron. Before you know it, people will know you as “the house with the curly black mailbox.”

Superior Fence and Rail

Every homeowner values privacy, but we also want to show off our beautiful homes. So when considering fencing, it’s important to find a balance. Superior Fence and Rail creates classy black aluminum picket fencing which will look striking in your front yard, without distracting from your landscaping. Their SolarShield powder coating protects the metal from the elements with twice the durability of the average industry standard.

Architectural Details

Doors by Decora

The importance of your front door cannot be overstated. It serves as the focal point of your home and sets the vibe for your entire property. You could pick a bright color like red for contrast and to stand out from other houses. Or you could choose a custom door that highlights the style of your home.
Doors by Decora hand crafts stunning wooden doors that would feel right at home in a castle or grand estate. From old world doors and french doors, to contemporary pieces with geometric glass inserts, they can design a piece that no one will forget.

Onyx Xteriors

Don’t overlook the impact of little details. Onyx Xteriors manufactures decorative vent coverings and arched window trims. Replace the old, dirty parts of your home’s structure as they deteriorate. Every custom touch will help distinguish your home from any other mass produced houses on the block.


Trees, flowers, and a verdant lawn add beauty and appeal to your home. Symmetrically grown shrubs and flowerbeds can frame the entrance to your home, while a balanced spread of trees and ground cover can create a feeling of stability and shelter.
Landscaping is vitally important for every property. Make sure to stay on top of the basics like edging and trimming. Clean lines will elevate even the simplest yard. But biodiversity is healthier for your lawn, and more unique.
Traditional lawns, filled with often invasive species, are costly and die back for half the year. These days, many homeowners are opting in favor of native plants and alternative ground covers as they are easier to maintain and more appealing in terms of variety.
Check with local gardening groups to find out how to make the switch!

Flower Window Boxes

Potted plants can look lovely, but consider a slightly different angle with planter or window boxes for a charming, rustic look. Flower Window Boxes creates freestanding flower boxes and ones which attach to your deck railing or beneath your windows.
Take your pick from classic wood, wrought iron, or high quality, rot resistant PVC that looks just like painted wood. You can even match them with custom window shutters for an extra vintage touch.



Don’t neglect your driveway and pathways! Your home is the gem, but the packaging matters. A cracked and dirty driveway and sidewalk diminishes your whole property. Acker-stone sources stone pavers and cobbles from California and Arizona in lovely shades ranging from pale, to warm, to dark.
They cut them in various shapes and sizes so you can fit them together in a classic herringbone design or in a more modern, asymmetrical style. A custom pathway feels so much more inviting than blocks of mass produced concrete!
For a more affordable option, consider pressure washing and treating your driveway for a glossy finish.

Unique elements

Those are just the basics to create a home with peak curb appeal. But if you really want to stand out, consider some more unique or custom features which will make your home unforgettable.

Pergola Depot

Melbourne Beach, Florida
Pergolas are wildly popular. Pleasing to the eye and cooling in the summer, they make for a great hangout with friends or family. Pergola Depot creates prefabricated and custom kits in cedar or pine which you can easily assemble at home.
If you don’t have the space or budget for a pergola, consider other decorative structures like a trellis or arbor to complete your look.

By the Yard, Inc.

The right furniture can transform your house into a home. By the Yard, Inc. has a great selection of outdoor furniture made from their own alternative lumber designed from recycled plastic. Choose between a garden swing or rocking chair, tete-a-tete set or Adirondack chair, in one of 10 different colors


St. Charles, Illinois
A water feature feels positively luxurious. Turn your front yard into an oasis that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Aquascape has striking options for every sized yard. Choose from artful stone fountains, garden waterfalls, or braziers that combine both fire and water!
They can design an entire pond system for you, or you could choose one of their patio ponds to act as a smaller accent. The sound of running water will draw eyes and leave you feeling relaxed.
What is your favorite curb appeal idea! Share your pictures with Perk Brands today so we can pass along your design sense to more of our readers!
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