8 American-Made Products for a Patriotic Home Gym


Landice Treadmill

Randolf, New Jersey
With a 21” x 62” running track, Landice’s Genesis treadmill is perfect for those with a longer stride. Featuring a steel frame and patented circular handrails, this model boasts safety and durability.
It comes with a 15.6” color touchscreen loaded with fitness and entertainment apps. Sync your headphones with Bluetooth to stay motivated and track your heart rate and fitness goals visually.

Dynamat - Exercise Mats

Created a padded, soundproofed home gym where you can blast your workout music and smash those deadlifts as loudly as you like. DynaPad creates four-part composite pads that reduce the transmission of sound and adhere to floors, walls, or even ceilings. Your knees and your ears will thank you.

Sorinex Bars

Lexington, South Carolina
Bars are one of the most versatile pieces of workout equipment you can add to your home gym. Sorinex creates simple, yet high quality bars known for their versatility and affordability. 
Their standard bar is 20 kg with a tensile strength of 190,000 PSI. You can even customize them with your own choice of colors and branding.


Rowing machines offer the chance for an incredibly beneficial, full body workout. Waterrower creates beautiful rowers with handcrafted wooden frames, which absorb and soften the sound of the machine’s vibrations. Their patented WaterFlywheel technology accurately mimics the feeling of rowing on water. 

Hugger Mugger - Yoga Supplies

The research all agrees – yoga is great for your mind and body! Whether you’re looking for a way to wind down after a heavy workout, or you’re a yoga guru, Hugger Mugger offers U.S. made yoga mats in many colors, lengths, and thicknesses. With bolsters, props, and meditation cushions, they have all the essentials to turn your home gym into a mini yoga studio, all on a budget.

PRx Performance - Weightlifting Racks

PRx Performance offers great weightlifting rack sets that you can even customize, to ensure you get exactly what you need. Their Indy Prime package includes a squat rack, bench you can mount against the wall and fold away while not in use, bar and plates, and storage accessories. Everything you need to transform into a powerhouse, right in the comfort of your home. 

Keiser - Indoor bike

Fresno, California

If you’d rather focus on cardio, a bike might be the way to go. Keiser’s updated indoor bike can accommodate riders ranging in height from 4’10” to 7’ due to its 4 way adjustable seat and handlebars. Its magnetic resistance allows for a smooth, quiet workout. With an all-new tech display, users can benefit from the latest fitness apps, and live performance metrics. 

Powerblock - Dumbells

Burnsville, Minnesota
Looking for a versatile take on a timeless gym essential? Powerblock’s dumbbells, favored in pro training facilities and sports leagues across the nation, expand and transform to suit your style. You can swap out your straight handle for a curled one, or one with a knurled grip, and expand it by attaching extra weights. 
Their full set can replace 825 lbs of free weights due to its exceptionally compact design! You can expand your set as your strength grows, while saving tons of space!
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