A Home Coffee Bar a Barista Would Be Proud Of (Plus 8 Unique Products)


Many modern homeowners consider waking up to a perfectly organized and stylish coffee bar a must. A home coffee bar is more than just a convenience—it’s a way to elevate your daily routine and create a cozy nook that transports you to your favorite local coffee house with each sip.

Whether you’ve lovingly crafted your coffee bar with DIY passion or invested in a stunning custom setup, these eight carefully selected products and accessories are here to take your coffee bar experience to the next level.

From innovative brewing tools to stylish storage solutions, each item is designed to enhance your morning brew like never before.

Get ready to fall in love with your coffee bar all over again!

Gorgeous Coffee Maker

Suggesting a particular coffee, espresso, or latte-making machine is dangerous, we know. It’s a hot topic for aficionados. Yet, we can all agree that having the right tool for brewing your favorite cup is a necessity.

Gorgeous Coffee Maker

Ratio Coffee
Portland, Oregon

Every home coffee bar must start with a standout coffee maker! There are so many to choose from, but Ratio Coffee’s stood out for its beauty and sturdiness. Build with premium materials such as hardwood, cast aluminum, and borosilicate glass. For those concerned with the use of plastic, they barely use any plastic, promising no leaks and a better taste.

Shelves, Mug Holders, & Racks

Floating Shelves

Lyons Crafted
Ventura, California

There are many styles of coffee bars. You could refinish a dresser or buffet, opt for a more compact bar cart, or leverage a built-in counter and cabinetry designed for just this purpose. But all of these options usually lack shelving.

You can add your own shelving with Lyons Crafted’s hardwood floating shelves. They come in walnut, pine, maple, or oak, with a finish of your choice. Best of all, the built in LED strips will illuminate your collection of mugs, decor, or glasses for a striking accent.

Mug Rack

Urban Forge
Mountain View, Arkansas

A standing mug rack is an alternative way to display your cups. This wrought iron piece by Urban Forge conveys a charming, rustic energy. They also make one in the shape of antler horns if you’re feeling daring!

The Perfect Dishes

Your home coffee bar is the perfect place to blend your favorite morning-time mug with specialty pieces for use with guests and on special occasions.

Teapots and Mugs

A coffee bar doesn’t have to limit itself to just coffee – perhaps you prefer tea! In addition to standard sized mugs, Bennington Potters creates charming teapot sets with pots, cups and saucers, and even cream and sugar dishes. Explore their matching bowls and plates too so you’re prepared to put out snacks if you ever host a tea party!

Sugar and Honey Dishes

The beauty is in the details! Mosser Glass creates a variety of containers and accessories that will make your coffee bar glitter. They make sparkling honey pots, sugar dishes, and syrup dispensers in amber, turquoise, or colorless. After the sun goes down, you can pull out their matching tumblers and shot glasses, inset with intricate detailing.

Utensils and Utensil Holders


Liberty Tabletop creates stainless steel flatware with lovely original designs. (They’re the only flatware company that we know of that still makes flatware in the United States.) You can purchase dining sets of various sizes, buy individual pieces, or multiples, like their tall iced tea spoons. They’re perfect for reaching the bottom of taller containers like travel mugs or tumblers. Choose from floral, vintage, or minimalist designs.

They also create wood silverware organizers to keep your drawers neat and tidy

Utensil Organization & Storage

Rowe Pottery
Cambridge, Wisconsin

When making drinks, you’ll want a place to store your materials, while also accessing them quickly. Rowe Pottery designs charming farmhouse style crockery and dish ware with either original designs or personalized for you. Their utensil jars are a great place for your whisks and stirrers, and can match with a spoon rest, mugs, and more.

Handcrafted Linens

Nantucket Looms
Nantucket, Massachusetts

Messes happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Nantucket Looms creates handwoven table linens from high quality cotton. Their weave is designed for maximum absorbency and can withstand frequent washing. Choose hand towels, placemats, and napkins with natural earthy or sea colors to complement your coffee bar.

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