Backyard Summers: Make Your Deck An Entertainment Mecca With These Outdoor Entertaining Area Products


From quiet evenings alone to weekend entertaining, backyard decks and patios make life more enjoyable.

Spring is in the air, and soon, it’ll be time to host stylish garden parties again. Indoor-outdoor living is all the rage these days. What better way to combine comfort and fresh air than to transform your deck into an outdoor entertaining space?

But don’t let your plans go to waste in the face of rain or a blazing sun. Plan ahead by designing a multifunctional outdoor space. We’ve compiled a list of ideas and products that will help you build the deck of your dreams.


A great deck starts with a beautiful, long-lasting structure. If you’re looking for decking other than treated wood, take a look at these options.

Composite Decking

Location: Houston, Texas

Composite woods are a great alternative to treated decking. NewTechWood creates cutting-edge wood plastic composite technology composed of recycled wood fibers and plastic. They come in a range of colors, designed to look like natural wood.

Sustainable Decking

Location: Traverse City, Michigan

If you want an extra special touch, slabs from Rare Earth Hardwoods won’t disappoint. They source 27 different species of striking hardwood from the Amazon forest. With an eye for sustainability, they minimize the negative impact on forests, harvesting from logs instead of trees whenever possible.


Location: Hicksville, Ohio

Invest in a screen to make your deck usable for more of the year. Shield yourself from mosquitos and wind, and create a retreat shielded from the sun but still open to fresh air. Stoett Outdoors creates retractable screens that allow you to change up your space from day to day.


Awnings are another great choice. More affordable than a fully screened-in structure, they still provide a cool, dry environment for birthday parties or drinks with friends. Glenlo manufactures retractable awnings and latticed pergolas for an alternate style.


The fun part comes next! Fill your deck with comfortable furniture, fire pits, and a touch of your own style!


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Paddy O’ Furniture creates modern, durable outdoor seating, tables, umbrellas, and more in various materials, such as recycled plastic wood alternatives, aluminum, and wicker. Their fabrics are waterproof, dustproof, antimicrobial, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

They also create protective coverings to help you care for your furniture for years to come. Don’t miss their outdoor rugs too! A pop of color and softness can make your space feel more inviting and even provide extra protection for your deck against the elements.


Location: Union Grove, Wisconsin

No outdoor space is complete without a happily crackling fire pit. Real Flame creates sleek, modern fire pits in various shapes, sizes, and finishes. You can choose between long, low rectangular pits to pair with your sectional or a round bowl option topped with lava rocks to add drama to smaller spaces.


Even when the weather isn’t ideal, with the right products, back decks and patios can still be one of the most entertaining and fun places at your house.

Outdoor TVs

Location: Thousand Oaks, California

Popcorn and movie night… on the deck! You can kick your kids, or yourself, outside to get some fresh air – while still binging your favorite show. Sunbrite TV specializes in making televisions meant for the outdoors, engineered to safely operate within the elements.

They can handle rain, snow, dust, insects, salt air, humidity and extreme temperatures. Sunbrite TVs also offer brighter, sharper picture quality to account for lighter surroundings.

Outdoor Ovens

Location: Warren, Illinois

Food, and lots of it, is a must-have for entertaining. Anyone can grill, but if you want to spice things up, consider investing in an outdoor oven. WPPO creates striking outdoor stone ovens fired by wood, gas, or both. Their Infinity Series is perfect for cooking pizzas! And they’re made of a unique material that is lighter than other pizza ovens. You’ll have friends and family begging to crash your place!


Just like your home’s interior, your backyard should reflect your syle and vibe, too.


Location: San Antonio, Texas

Lighting is vital to creating the right ambiance, increasing safety, and extending your time outside after sunset. Elite Lighting Design will completely customize a lighting plan for your unique space. They use high-tech LED lights in your choice of color and style. Or you can choose solar lights for an even more sustainable touch.


Location: Syracuse, Nebraska

Don’t forget the finishing touches! Robert Allen Home and Garden creates unique jewel-toned ceramic planters, vintage-style galvanized watering cans, and decorative basins. Fill your space with some earthy notes and bright flowers.

As you transform your outdoor entertaining wonderland with these products, it’s also good to know you’re investing in companies and products based and manufactured in the United States.

We wish you many happy nights and weekends enjoying your outdoor deck and entertaining space! Share this article and pics of your finished product on social so others can too!

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