Beachstone Sustainable Products

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Beachstone Sustainable Products

Beachstone is a manufacturer of recycled glass and recycled seashell concrete products from Maine. Products include, vanity tops, countertops, tile, sinks, architectural precast elements, furniture, tile accessories, and giftware. Markets served include, green building, hospitality and design, plumbing showrooms, tile, and promotional products industries.

Beachstone is 85% by weight and contributes to 6 LEED points as listed by the United States Green Building Council.

Beachstone further reduces the effects of its manufacturer process by offering a "no water" solution. Less water is used by a common household than by the manufacturing process at Beachstone. Beachstone products are highly durable and resistant to etching and staining. No extra sealer is required.

Contact Aron Buterbaugh at 207-899-8109 or email [email protected] to discuss your project.