Use Digital Marketing to Transform Employee Mental Health into Your Competitive Edge

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so there’s no better time to review your efforts in caring for your team’s mental health.

Unseen Benefits Unlocked

Your leadership can spur a culture where mental health is not just a policy but a cornerstone of your business ethos. The impact? 

A vibrant workplace buzzing with innovation, elevated memory recall, and an all-around happier, more cohesive team. The ripple effects are just as compelling: enhanced employee loyalty, reduced conflicts, and a magnetic attraction for clients who value businesses that treat their own with care and respect. 

Our findings reveal that companies prioritizing mental health are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for discerning customers. What a nice boost to your brand and reputation!

Check out the article “The Connection Between Employee Mental Health and Business Success” for more insight.

Commit to Communicate

Establishing robust mental health practices is the first commendable step, but the magic happens when it’s communicated. Paint a vivid picture of your brand as not just a place to work, but a haven for growth and support. This narrative isn’t just for your team but extends to your vendors, clients, and the broader community you serve. 

The goal? To ensure that your commitment to mental well-being is seen, felt, and recognized as a defining trait of your brand.

Without effective communication, benefits are often underutilized because employees don’t know about or understand all the perks available to them. They’re just not going to read a 40-page doc to stay in the know.

So beyond thinking about their needs, how can you effectively communicate the benefits in an age where having to mandate training to get anyone to show up is normal?

Communication That Cuts Through the Noise

Let’s face it: traditional memos and mandatory sessions are hard-pressed to capture hearts or minds. In our digitally driven age, engaging your team means meeting them where they are: online.

Well-thought-out content and digital marketing emerge as the best path to deliver your message in digestible, engaging formats that resonate and stick.

Yes, it’s an investment – but imagine the return on investment (ROI) when your team not only knows about but utilizes every support tool and resource you offer, enriching both their personal and professional lives.

Your Next Steps

  • Craft Your Blueprint: Dive deep with HR to map out policies and practices that resonate with your team’s actual needs. Use surveys and feedback to ensure you’re on the right track. Download this playbook to get started.
  • Create a Communication Plan: Connect with us at Perk Brands to weave a communication strategy that amplifies your message across channels that reach your team and beyond, making your commitment to mental health impossible to ignore.
  • Refine and Thrive: Launch, learn, and adapt. With our team of brand and communication strategists by your side, fine-tune your approach for maximum engagement and impact.

Ready to make mental health your brand’s superpower? Let’s start this pivotal conversation. Schedule your consultation with Perk Brands today, and step into a leadership role that redefines industry standards.

Together, we’re not just manufacturing products; we’re shaping a future where our workplaces support, empower, and inspire each other and our customers.

About the Author

Jason Otis is the president of Perk Brands and founder of Built for Home. Perk Brands is a digital marketing agency that partners with home product manufacturers to make their products easy to find and buy. Built for Home is a community of home product manufacturers and a resource for buyers to find products that make their lives better at home.


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