Butler Pantry Benefits. Do You Need a Butler’s Pantry? Yes, Here’s Why.


Butler pantries have made a revival in luxury homes and kitchens, and now the fad is catching on even in everyday homes. But do you really need one, or is it just a lifestyle flex?

Yes! A butler pantry can add tremendous value to your home and increase your storage, working, and entertaining space.

But first, what even is a butler’s pantry? Historically, a butler’s pantry was a serving area between the kitchen and formal dining area. Staff used it as a food prep station and staging area for formal occasions and stored the fancy silver there.

While such uses are obsolete for most people, the concept remains valuable, especially when modified to suit your needs.

These days, butler pantries come in many shapes and sizes. Some still connect the kitchen to the dining area, while others resemble a traditional pantry, with only one opening. Some homes come with a butler’s pantry incorporated into the layout, while other homeowners may transform a mud room, closet, or den into a space that better suits their needs.

So, let’s dive into the top ways you can outfit your very own butler’s pantry!


Cabinets and Cupboards 

Location: Alachua, Florida

First things first, you’ll want to plan the layout of your space for the sake of both storage optimization and aesthetics. Busby Cabinets designs beautiful butler’s pantries with cabinets in any color, shape, and finish.

Whether you’re looking for spacious storage for oversized kitchen gadgets, lovely display cabinets for your fancy china, or specialized drawers and countertops, they have you covered. Busby will seamlessly integrate their design into the existing features of your home.

Extra Storage

Rare Use & Strangely Shaped Items

One of the greatest benefits of a butler’s pantry is extra storage space. Even if you have a large kitchen, your butler’s pantry can improve overall organization by serving as the home for your rare-use items and creating a dedicated space for your holiday dishes, uniquely shaped serving platters, and specialty tools. Now, you won’t have to fumble with the turkey baster whenever you reach into the back of a drawer for your garlic press!

Specialty Appliances 

Location: Cypress, California

Extra counter space is a great place for permanent features you’d rather not have taking up space in your main kitchen. You could invest in a second microwave or a larger slow cooker. A countertop ice maker like this one made by Newair is a great way to keep up with hot summers and thirsty party guests.

But here’s a caution. The extra space could quickly turn into a kitchen gadget hotbed. You’ll run out of reasons not to splurge on a juicer and a sparkling water machine, or how about a chocolate fountain, popcorn maker, or fondue machine?

The good news? Even if your butler’s pantry does have one too many gadgets — your guests will get a kick out of trying out your specialty creations.

Food Organizers

Specialty Appliances 

Location: Chicago, Illinois

As the name implies, a butler’s pantry is still a pantry. Perhaps you’ve converted a large, existing pantry into a butler’s pantry to give yourself more workspace. You still need a place to store your dry goods!

With a fully designed space, you can get more creative. Consider investing in cereal dispensers (the kids will love them!) or dry-good tubs that slide open like drawers. We loved this tea bag caddy by YouCopia. It’s simple yet perfectly solves the annoying problem of single-use packaging.

Extra or Alternate Work Space

Specialty Coffee and Wine Stations

Location: Mississauga, Canada

Coffee, breakfast, and adult bars are another wildly popular feature in modern homes. But if you need to choose between them, know that you can incorporate specialty stations into your butler’s pantry. You could store all your coffee or smoothie supplies here, or if you like to bake, turn your butler’s pantry into a dessert station!

If you want to create a traditional bar, Rosehill Wine Cellars creates efficient mini wine coolers that fit perfectly in a compact space. Plan ahead when designing your space so you know what to prioritize.

Additional Sink

Location: Vincennes, Indiana
If you’re constantly frustrated by how many dirty dishes end up all over your kitchen, an extra sink may be the perfect addition. Karran creates beautiful bar prep sinks – small but functional. As the name implies, you could use this sink to clean wine glasses or coffee cups. Or transfer some of your dinner mess here – leave those dirty dishes out of sight till after the party!

Prepare and Stage for Entertaining​

If you have a more traditional butler pantry that joins your kitchen and dining area, you could emphasize the decorative potential of such a space for the sake of entertaining.

Dish Displays

Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Saving Shepherd works directly with artisans to source charming, handcrafted home goods. We loved these wrought iron dish displays. Simple yet timeless, they’ll serve as both a centerpiece and an aesthetic storage option.

Decorative Dishes and Serving Items

Location: Bedford, Virginia

Many butler’s pantries show off fancy dinnerware with open shelving or glass cabinets. So you’ll want to make sure you have some lovely, collectible pieces. Based in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Emerson Creek Pottery creates lustrous, handmade stoneware with botanical or modern designs.

Make it Your Own!

Fix your frustrations – what do you wish you had more of in your kitchen? Perhaps you don’t have kids or don’t entertain often, but would love a dedicated space for your pets.

Pet Items

A side area is a great place to keep pet food and dishes. Out of the way but still accessible, your pet friends will stay happy without getting underfoot.

You can even match your pet’s dishware to your own! Emerson Creek Pottery (mentioned above) creates adorable pet dishes to match their full pottery sets!

Endless Butler Pantry Benefits and Possibilities

Have you added a butler’s pantry to your home? We’d love to see pictures of your new creation and hear what butler pantry benefits you’ve discovered! Tag us on social: @builtforhome.

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