5 Makers of Exquisite Old World Custom Wood Doors


Front doors are where we welcome friends and family, so they should not only be attractive but also represent us well.

Our front door is where we welcome friends and family, so we think they should not only be attractive but also represent our lives and living space.

And for those looking for a door style that exudes security and strength, the Old World door design should be on your shortlist.

From Alabama to Pennsylvania to California, we found five custom door manufacturers across the United States that will help your Old World door style come to life.

These distinguished artisans have mastered the essence of old-world charm, crafting doors that evoke nostalgia while elevating any space’s aesthetics and allure. Let’s explore each company’s offerings and how they exemplify the benefits of these exquisite old-world doors.

Doors by Decora

Location: Montgomery, Alabama
Ships to: United States & Canada

Doors by Decora captures the essence of old-world craftsmanship through their meticulously handcrafted doors. Each masterpiece is a testament to the passion and dedication of their skilled artisans. With intricate detailing, rich textures, and timeless designs, their old-world doors exude a combined aura of handcrafted grandeur and elegance.

While looking through their online catalog of 1,000+ custom doors they’ve built for others — you’re sure to be inspired. Then you can work with them to design an entry door that perfectly fits you and your home.

No matter which style you ultimately choose, their process is to help you, your designer, architect, or builder make your dream door a reality.

Antigua Doors

Location: Danville, California
Ships to: Most US Cities

Antigua Doors boasts a rich heritage of crafting old-world doors that echo the architecture of their surroundings.

Their doors are masterpieces that infuse a sense of history and cultural significance into any space. The company’s commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship is evident in every intricate carving and ornamental detail.

With various styles and finishes, Antigua Doors provides a doorway to the past while celebrating the present with timeless beauty.


Location: Valencia, California
Ships to: United States & Canada

DeMejico started more than 20 years ago by catering to restoration architects needing Colonial-style reproductions. Since then, they’ve expanded their craft across many other styles, including old-world.

DeMejico’s old-world doors are true works of art, marrying old-world charm with contemporary lines. Each door is crafted from the finest materials, showcasing the perfect blend of beauty and durability.

With a focus on authenticity and intricate designs, their doors embody the essence of the past, gracefully welcoming you into a world of nostalgia and refined aesthetics.

Old World Designs

Location: San Diego, California
Ships to: Unknown

Old World Designs presents a curated collection of old-world doors, each a masterpiece of ingenuity and creativity.

Their doors embrace architectural influences from various cultures and seem like they come from a bygone era filled with stories and character.

We also like some of their other door styles – like their pivot and iron doors. Several of their example irons doors could also fit into the old-world family.

Phirst and Lassing

Location: Hummelstown, Pennsylvania
Ships to: Internationally

Phirst and Lassing is a purveyor of exceptional wood front doors that capture the essence of old-world charm and add a contemporary twist.

Their doors are a tribute to craftsmanship, offering a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and modern functionality. They are also committed to sustainable practices and only utilize timber from governmental forests.

A neat option by Phirst and Lassing is their “active sidelights” — sidelites that are fully operable yet can be securely closed using their 3-latch system.


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