6 Smart Products to Organize Your Closet


An organized closet is a great start to an organized day.

A great closet layout can make the difference between a home that feels cluttered or well-ordered. Bins and zip bags can only take you so far before you start to misplace items. If you feel like you’re still living the dorm life, it’s time to upgrade from DIY storage to a full-fledged closet organization system.

Whether you have a spacious walk-in closet or a tight reach-in one, these closet organizers can make you feel luxurious and on top of things. Treat yourself, and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come, even adding value to your home.

Floating Closet Drawer and Cabinet Combination

Location: Fenton, Missouri

A closet organizer doesn’t need to take up your entire closet. John Louis Homes makes solid wood, floating organizers that leave you with storage space beneath, and multiple tiers for hanging clothes. The drawers are perfect for jewelry and accessories, and the top shelves can either remain open or be closed with custom glass or paneled doors for a sleek look.

John Louis Homes offers another affordable way to upgrade the look of your closet. Cover your wire shelves with a sleek wood veneer that fits right over your existing shelf. The extra support will keep your heels from falling through the cracks. They come in varied colors to match your closet organizer.

Full Wall Shelving and Drawer Unit

Location: Lac-Mégantic, Canada

For moderately sized walk-in closets, a full shelving unit that stretches from floor to ceiling will maximize your storage space. This unit by Bestar offers many open shelves for shoes and bags, plus drawers for other items. The symmetrical style and varied color options will make your closet feel like a glamorous showroom.

Design Your Own

Location: Holland, Michigan
Easy Track combines DIY with customization, using cutting edge digital tools to help you design the solution that perfectly fits your needs. You can choose between their prefab design options, combining what you like into one.
Then, just pick up the kit from one of their locations, and their online tutorials will guide you through each step of the setup. Best of all, you can add on additional features later as your needs evolve.

Best Finishing Touches

Location: Glendale, California
Simple, modern designs dominate interiors these days, but sometimes you want those extra finishing touches. For a more vintage glam look, choose furniture by Solid Wood Closets. They offer beautiful solid wood closet organizers of multiple sizes.
Once you’ve selected your base, you can choose from a variety of accessories to complete the look – crown moldings, latticed cabinet faces, and custom drawers will transform your closet into a boudoir.

Best for Hobbyists

Location: Bethel, Conneticut
If you use your closet for much more than clothes and linens, take a leaf out of retailers’ playbook and opt for wall racks by HangUp Bags. These racks of various sizes and shapes pair with long-lasting plastic storage bags.
This unconventional option may offer a superior way to store craft supplies, collectibles, or items that need to be sealed away for protection. The clear bags and easily slidable handles will prevent you from losing things ever again.

Best Custom Option

European style closets offer a peak mix of style, function, and class. International Cabinets Contractor will customize your storage depending on the average length of your clothes, the number of your shoes, how much shelving you prefer, and more. The variation in features will make you feel like you’ve stepped foot inside a Hollywood star’s mansion.
Best of all, the units are easy enough to self-install. Many companies which do custom work only serve a small location, since they need to come out in person to install the features. With the focus on easy configuration, you can take advantage of their custom services, without worrying about location.
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