9 Clever Products for Small Bathrooms


A small space doesn’t have to make you or your loved ones feel cramped.

There are many ways to make your friends and family feel welcome when you play host. A fresh, open living room with spacious seating, a shiny kitchen bar filled with snacks, or perhaps a brand new, shaded sunroom. But one element that may get overlooked is the guest bathroom. Offering a beautiful, well-maintained private space can make your guests feel pampered. But guest baths are often small, dark, or cramped. A small space doesn’t have to make you or your loved ones feel cramped. Self-care should always feel enlivening. So here are 9 clever products which will help you get the most out of your small bathroom while looking stylish at the same time. 

Mirror Barn Door Kit

By: Otto & Sohn USA Inc.
Location: Miami, Florida

You may not think the entrance to your bathroom matters much, but first impressions are important. A door that opens inward on a narrow space can make navigation awkward.

The best products not only eliminate a problem but also offer additional benefits. This sliding barn door at Glass-Door.US boasts a large, customizable mirror that brightens and enlarges a space while helping you perfect your look.

Alternatively, a frosted glass door maintains privacy while allowing additional light to enter the bathroom. This option is great if your small bathroom lacks a natural light source. 

LED Vanity Wall Mounted Mirror

By: Kiva-Rhyme
Location: Houston, Texas

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the book. Try choosing an extra-large mirror that fills a whole wall, extending past the dimensions of your sink vanity.

We chose this LED mirror for its striking modern flair and because it doubles as a light source. The mirror features backlit LED lights, which can change color to alter the mood. It even has a defogging feature for optimal functionality. 

Custom Wallpaper Mural

By: Magic Murals
Location: Smithfield, North Carolina

Add flair and dimension to your walls with a custom mural. Choosing a beautiful nature scene can make your bathroom feel like a relaxing getaway. Another trick to expand the space is to select an image that extends into the distance. You can make a visitor feel like the bathroom continues down the street of an idyllic town or onto a winding forest road. Magic Murals offers a variety of beautiful wallpaper murals in multiple sizes, including custom dimensions.

You can choose one of their designs or work with their team to bring your imagination to life. Application is easy, with options for removable or permanent adhesive. 

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

By: VIGO Industries
Location: New York, New York

A faucet may not be the most fascinating feature of your bathroom, but the right choice can make a big difference. A mounted faucet saves counter space and even omits the need for cleaning up calcified deposits, which can pool on a flat surface. This solid brass wall mount resists rust and corrosion and is long-lasting. Its simple, striking design will fit any modern theme and come in various colors to match any scheme. 

Corner Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Sink

By: Renovators Supply Manufacturing
Location: St. Erving, Massachusetts

Some small bathrooms are awkwardly shaped, leaving dead space in the corners. Do away with a bulky, square vanity in favor of a floating corner sink. This minimalistic, dark oak vanity utilizes a smaller but functional porcelain basin with storage underneath. The vanity is mounted on the wall, allowing for extra floor space, which tricks the eye into seeing the room as more open. 

Hexagon Mosaic Tile

By: Stone Center Online
Location: Anaheim, California

There are many ways to use tile to your advantage. Extending the same tile along the floor into the base of a standing shower can elongate the room. Repeating a pattern from floor to ceiling can draw the eye upward and give the illusion of greater height. Thick, horizontal stripes can make the room feel wider.

No matter which pattern you choose, select high-quality material that will last. We chose this small, white, and gold marble tile from Stone Center Online for its light color and timeless shape, and because it is easier to cut small down tiles to fit in the tiniest of nooks.

Ito Wall Lamp and Wireless Charger

By: Astro Lighting
Location: Wharton, New Jersey

There are many options for lighting fixtures. You want to maximize the available light without removing valuable wall space or making the ceiling feel lower with dangling fixtures. 

This compact wall-mounted light fixture not only provides light but also includes a wireless docking station to charge your device when the light is on or off. It’s available in matt black or matt white.

Floating Shelves

By: Ultra Shelf
Location: Rigby, Idaho

Storage can be complex in a small space. Medicine cabinets or cupboards can stick out too far over a narrow sink or perhaps not fit at all. Floating shelves present an aesthetically pleasing yet practical alternative. Their floating appearance draws the eye upward, leaving more of the wall open and visible.

These custom wood shelves from Ultra Shelf are solid and long-lasting, with easy mounting options. Choose a paint color to match your bathroom, or opt for a beautiful, natural wood finish. They also make corner shelves that offer twice the storage and utilize potential dead space. 

Teak Wood Bathroom Amenities Set

By: Eco Decors – Deco Teak
Location: Melbourne, Florida

The finishing touches make all the difference. Small storage pieces are a great alternative to bulky cabinets. This natural teak set comes fitted with a matching tray and lids, which provide a beautiful silhouette and prevent products from being bumped and knocked over. Made from sustainably sourced, naturally water and mildew-resistant teak, this set will make a statement, no matter the size of your bathroom. 

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