A Great Selection of Hard-to-Find Multifunction Kitchen Sinks & Faucets


The kitchen sink has come a long way. If you’re considering an upgrade, review these options.

What makes a great kitchen? Spacious counters, updated appliances, and beautiful finishes all create a welcoming space. But don’t forget one of your highest use items: the sink. A cramped sink or squeaky faucet can make you dread every cooking and cleanup project, while a wide, multifunctional sink can improve productivity and cleanup.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite workstation sinks which include great faucets, interchangeable accessories, and extra features to make you feel like a pro in your own home.

The Smart Sink

Location: Pomona, California

Our top choice, Lefton’s workstation sink, comes packed with features and accessories. Constructed from stainless steel, with a scratch and stain-resistant nano coating, this sink offers a standard faucet, waterfall feature, and high powered cup cleaner.

Their standout feature is the digital temperature display with LED lighting that gives you greater control over how you use your water. It even boasts a built in soap dispenser and knife storage area, in addition to exchangeable accessories like cutting and draining racks.


Location: Miami, Florida
A sleek option for the minimalist loving homeowner, this stainless steel sink by Foster features a diamond-shaped beveled bottom to improve draining. It supports two faucets of your choice, and a slot for drying silverware. Foster offers a wide range of accessories including cutting boards, colanders, drying racks, and even a grating kit which fit into the sink’s support frame.


Location: New York, New York
This multifunctional sink by Vigo features a single basin with two tiers. One side of the sink includes extra depth with a sloped bottom for optimal draining. The second side sits slightly higher, and the lack of a divider allows for water to drain from the higher side of the sink to the bottom. It also comes with silicone bottom grids and a cutting board and colander holder which fit in so seamlessly it’ll seem like your counter never ended.

Best Small Choice

Location: Austin, Texas

Many of these options require a lot of space, but if you’re hoping for a multifunctional sink that can fit into a smaller kitchen or bar area, Ruvati creates an excellent compact option. 25 x 22 inches wide, this workstation still comes with all the important accessories – a foldable drying rack, cutting board, drain cover and strainer, and more. Ruvati also makes round sinks if you want to change things up with a different look.


Location: Edgewater, Florida

Copper sinks are all the rage. Their bright color and rich texture create a beautiful accent in your kitchen and their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties even improve cleanliness. But with artful designs, sometimes you have to sacrifice functionality. Not at Havens Metal!

Their products come in a variety of finishes and are designed for versatility. Their workstation sinks have two built in ledges which support a variety of inserts including food prep boards and drainable storage inserts.

Multi-use Faucets

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

If you like your sink basin or are on a budget, you can upgrade just your faucet to maximize functionality without replacing your whole system. Brizo creates a variety of faucets including tall pot fillers, water filters, instant hot faucets, and semi-professional smart touch options to customize your kitchen experience.

What do you look for in a kitchen sink? If you’ve tested workstation sinks, which was your favorite feature? Let us know so we can recommend more great products for your home!

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