Boost Your Home’s Use and Value with Incredible Kitchen Lighting


The right kitchen can make or break a home. Some people have been known to move homes just because they can’t stand their kitchen. In such a high-use space, lighting goes a long way to improve the functionality of the whole area and the kitchen’s resale value.

There are a few key factors to consider when designing lighting for a functional, desirable kitchen:


Many homes open directly into the kitchen. Ensuring your kitchen is warmly and brightly lit will make both your family and guests feel comfortable. Having a variety of lighting will give you control over the mood. You can light your kitchen fully during the day and dim or switch the lights when relaxing in the evening.

Architectural and Design Features

The right lighting can highlight the parts of your home that you’re most proud of. Show off your exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, or decorative moldings. Help your brand-new granite countertop literally sparkle. You’ll fall in love with your unique space all over again, and any future buyers will be better able to catch all the little details. 

Light Layering

A kitchen has many nooks and crannies – spaces under shelves and above cupboards, gaps between appliances, and shadows cast by cabinets. Layering different types of lighting in various places around the kitchen is the most effective way to use every space. Consider a mix of ceiling and wall lights, and accent lights inside drawers and beneath cupboards. 

Energy Efficiency

You’ll be using these lights frequently, so choose options like energy-efficient fixtures or LED bulbs which save energy and last longer. Consider sourcing your lighting from sustainable companies as well to improve the overall value of your home.

With these ideas in mind, we compiled a list of incredible kitchen lighting. 


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

A timeless option, pendant lights can create a lovely accent over a kitchen island while dispersing light over your workspace. You could arrange multiple pendants in a row, hang them at different heights to create more visual variety, or cluster them together as a centerpiece. Kuzco Lighting creates sleek, modern pendants which you can mix and match to “design your own” perfect lighting feature.

Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Great for lower ceilings and smaller spaces like the area above sinks, flush and semi-flush ceiling fixtures can still add a lovely touch to your kitchen. Brass Light Gallery makes some striking lantern-style lights with an antique brass finish. These lights would look lovely in your entryway and lounge as well if you’d like to continue the motif outside of your kitchen.

Recessed Lighting

Location: Blainville, Canada

Recessed lights serve well to illuminate large amounts of space, without being too obtrusive. Most of the lighting fixture is set back into the ceiling, leaving only a smooth rim and the bulb visible. Many recessed lights can be angled to highlight a specific area. DALS Lighting makes smart, recessed lights in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can pair them with Bluetooth to choose the color emission, set them on a timer, and dim them for extra energy savings. 


Floor to Ceiling Lighting

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Butler Lighting specializes in what they call “floor to ceiling lighting.” They offer a variety of specialty lights, just for your kitchen. From toe-kick strip lights you can place underneath your cabinets and island, to soft LED lights for your drawers and the counter space under your cabinets, they have it all. They work to make sure that no matter the time of day, you can clearly access all corners of your kitchen. Consider backlighting a display cabinet to highlight your china dishes or pottery for an extra artistic flare. 


Location: Langley, Washington

Once reserved for formal dining rooms or entry halls, chandeliers have become a popular choice for kitchens too. With open floor plans and busy, on-the-go schedules, many homes combine their dining and kitchen spaces. So why not choose a beautiful chandelier for your kitchen? Artisan Crafted Lighting works with artists to create stunning, blown-glass pieces.

Just remember, each space should only have one focal point to really shine. Don’t overdo it with both pendants and chandeliers or they could clash with each other. Choose simpler options like recessed or flush lighting to illuminate the rest of the space.

Restored Vintage Lighting

Location: Portland, Oregon

Vintage styles continue to explode in popularity and seamlessly match with modern industrial chic designs. We fell in love with the company Rejuvenation, who has been committed to sustainably sourcing and ethically crafting lighting since 1977. Last year alone, they reclaimed and restored over 3000 antique and vintage materials to create truly stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces. 

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