Garage Conversion Ideas to Make Better Use of Your Space


Some of all of your garage can be used for WAY more than unorganized storage.

Has your garage become a dumping ground for broken furniture, untouched projects, and seasonal items? Extra storage is great, but not if left completely unorganized and inaccessible. Such a place will merely cause you more stress.  
That extra square footage can be put to much better use! Whether you want an extra workspace, a place to entertain, or a fun space for kids and family time, here are 8 ideas for how you can convert your garage into your favorite room. We’ve also highlighted some standout products than can get you started. 
As always, make sure you research your local laws to be sure you’re following building regulations and codes. You will likely need a building permit before you can start. Garages are not up to code as living spaces, so be sure to research the insulation, ventilation, and electrical requirements you’d need to meet.


Location: Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Window Additions

A guesthouse is a classic conversion idea which works especially well for detached garages! Having a dedicated space can make your guests feel special and offer them a bit more privacy. But to make a garage feel like a comfortable living space, you will need to open the walls to allow in natural light. No one wants to feel trapped in a gloomy place. Chelsea Building Products offers durable, high quality classic windows which will transform any space.

Kid’s Play Space

Loft with Tent and Slide

A dedicated play space is a great way to let your kids get their energy out. Make sure to insulate the garage’s walls and floors to keep the space warm and cozy. This could be a great place for some play sets which may not fit in their bedrooms. Kids Only Furniture and Accessories makes some super fun lofts with attached slides and tents to double for naptime and adventure time.

Art Studio

Location: Los Angeles, California 

Custom French Doors

It’s hard to get your creative juices flowing without a dedicated space for your art. If you’re sick of your projects spilling over onto the dining room table, consider creating an art studio in your old garage. All art needs a steady stream of light, so consider replacing the garage door with a triple set of French doors like those made by Custom Moulding Sash and Doors. You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view of nature to inspire all your projects. 

Home Office or Library

Multisystem Pendant Lighting 

Whether you work from home or just want to set aside a quiet place to read and think, a home office or library is a great conversion option. For this project you’ll want to rewire the garage to support all your devices and a better lighting system. Besa Lighting creates beautiful, modern multisystem pendant lights that will brighten up the space and add an aesthetic flair.  

Media Room & Home Theater

Location: La Habra, California

Media Lounge

Every office worker knows the pain of a stiff neck and back. The human body wasn’t designed to sit all day, let alone crouch over a tiny screen. Thankfully, you can pick any type of furniture in your home office to suit your style. Size, storage options, color, you name it. 

But don’t forget your own comfort! Sit-stand desks have exploded in popularity, like the Think Desk by Juniper. You can make height adjustments through Bluetooth! If you get sore from sitting, raising the desk’s height to stand for a period is easy. For comfortable seating, look for ergonomic chairs that allow you to customize height, back, and neck support. Avoid those afternoon headaches and restless legs! 

Pool House

Location: Orlando, Florida

Round Daybed

If you’re planning to add a pool to your backyard, incorporate your garage remodel into your plan. Knocking out a couple walls of your garage can turn the space into an airy pool house. With this kind of project, you won’t have to worry about revamping your garage’s insulation. We would recommend adding plumbing for a bathroom though, to keep wet tracks out of the house. Sunbrite Furniture makes cute, waterproof furniture like their round daybed and outdoor bar which will transform your pool house into a fun, summer haunt.

Home Fitness Center

Location: Baltimore, Maryland 

Fitness Floors / Gym Flooring

This is a great idea for extreme Northern areas where it’s impossible to exercise outdoors for much of the year. Just make sure to install a heating and ventilation system, and you can transform your garage into a year-round gym. R-Tek Manufacturing creates rubber sectional flooring that resists moisture and dampens impact. It’s easy to install and will increase the comfort of your workouts.  


Location: Denver, Colorado

Architectural Structural Skylights

Being surrounded by nature has a great impact on mental health. A detached garage could make a great grow room, though you’ll need to make significant changes to let in enough sunlight. Rather than changing out the whole roof, consider a large skylight by Architectural Structural Skylights. If you install their greenhouse skylight on the south side of your home, you’ll maximize light. Set up reflective material on the opposite wall as a money saving hack to illuminate all corners.

Extra Tip

Consider investing in solar panels. Any garage conversion can be enhanced through sustainable energy sources. If you’re worried about your electric bill going up after the conversion, plan ahead! 

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