Garage Organization and Storage That Reclaims Space and Organizes Projects


Everyone loves an organized garage. : )

Does your garage feel like a wasted space? Or perhaps you dread even the smallest landscaping task because you can never find a single tool amidst a heap of chaos. Your kitchen would probably feel just as overwhelming if you didn’t have great cabinets and drawers to organize all your goods.

Investing in similar organization and storage for your garage will pay off for years to come. You’ll clear up clutter and maximize working and storage space, create peace of mind and increase ease of access, and improve safety.

The benefits are indisputable, but there are many options that fit with different lifestyles. Some garage solutions focus on creating an aesthetic space that can double as a showroom, while others cater to the home handyman or busy homeowner.

We’ve compiled a variety of simple and top-of-the-line garage storage solutions for you here.

Overhead Rack

Location: Riverside, California

Overhead storage is a great way to make use of your whole space. Garage Innovations creates extra strong industrial-grade steel racks which can hold up to 600 lbs. You can adjust the height between 20″ to 38″ so you can fit the rack above cabinets. The open-sided design makes it easy to stack or remove objects.

Here’s an organization hack for you: use a different storage solution for each category of belongings. For instance, store suitcases and other travel necessities in your overhead rack, and set your yard and car tools aside in another place.

Wall-Mounted Rack

Location: Canton, South Dakota
Wall mounted racks are incredibly useful for long tools like rakes, brooms, and cords. But your solution doesn’t need to be as boring as a few hooks in the wall. Hilltop Custom creates wall-mounted wood paneling with metal grooves spaced every few inches. Just insert your hooks into the grooves to hang tools of different lengths. The paneling is secure, while adding a refined look to your garage interior.
Location: Elmhurst, Illinois
Peg walls are a great option for storing strangely shaped items. They also keep your tools visible so you never lose track of them. This garage solution by the Container Store doesn’t stop at a peg wall, though. It also comes with a small work shelf, hanging drawers, and overhead storage, making this one of the most versatile yet compact options in garage storage.

Rolling Workbench Combo

Location: South Beloit, Illinois
Need storage, organization, and a flexible workbench all in one? Redline Garage Gear has some sleek, brightly colored rolling workbenches. They come in 32″, 48″, 64″ and 80″ widths with large rubber casters for smooth rolling. The wheels lock in place to let you safely use the coated countertop. The spacious drawers and cabinets offer all the storage you could need for your on-the-go tools.

Small Wall Organizers

Location: Old Bethpage, New York
If you’re looking for small-scale organization solutions or don’t have much room to work with in your garage, check out Garage Tek’s wall organizers. They have small but sturdy hooks, racks, hanging baskets, and more which you can easily rearrange to best fit the needs of your space.

Floating Modular Cabinets

Location: Orange, California
Upgrade your garage with floating modular cabinets by Cabinets Quick. The full wall paneling and mounted cabinetry will add a touch of luxury to your space, while still made with affordable materials. You can hide your odds and ends behind doors and drawers to let your projects and collectibles take center stage.

Built-in Worktops

Location: Irwindale, California
For a step up in style, consider Pacific Panel’s custom cabinets with built in countertops and sinks. They make standalone cabinets and full modular sets, depending on your unique needs. They offer 10 color options and ensure their designs will fit in seamlessly with your other utilities.

Custom Luxury Storage

Location: Beaverton, Oregon
For a truly luxurious garage, you can’t go wrong with Vault Garage’s Pro Series. Made with the highest quality materials, and built to last, their made-to-order tool chests and storage cabinets come in rich, sleek colors. Pair your interior with custom lighting, decor, and furnishings for a cohesive design that will last a lifetime.

What is your favorite garage storage solution? Does it actually help your garage stay neat and organized? Share with Built for Home today so we can pass along your tips to other homeowners!

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