How to Soundproof Your Home Office


Work hard in silence. Let success make the noise.

Working from home sounds like a dream, but noisy distractions can kill productivity and turn a great space into a frustrating one. Soundproofing your home office can improve your focus and eliminate embarrassments on video calls.

Whether you have kids, pets, loud appliances, or live near construction or a busy road, these tips can cut down on noise without breaking the bank.

There are many soundproofing products you can use when building your home, such as flooring underlayments and high quality insulation. However, we’ve chosen products that you can easily install without remodeling, so you can get back to work quickly!

First, you should know the difference between soundproofing and sound absorbing products. Soundproofing materials block sound waves – use these if you want to stop outside sound from entering your office. Sound absorbing materials absorb sound waves – use these if you want to prevent noise originating inside your office from echoing unpleasantly.

With these definitions in mind, let’s look at how you can soundproof your office from top to bottom!


Art Acoustic Panel

Location: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

From low-cost foam panels, to larger, mounted versions, acoustic panels are a classic way to soundproof a room. But why limit yourself to one function, when you could turn your acoustic panel into a work of art? Soundproof Cow offers customizable art acoustic panels that look just like a canvas.

Sound Absorbing Paint

Location: Chaska, Minnesota
An affordable option, sound absorbing paint minimizes sound as it bounces around your room. You could use it on either your walls or ceiling. Remember, sound absorption improves the quality of sound inside your room, but this option won’t diminish exterior noise.

Acoustical Wood

Location: Chaska, Minnesota
A wood paneled home office feels luxurious and timeless. These panels by Asi Architectural come in a variety of veneer colors and can be mounted to an existing wall using grid clips. More affordable than hard wood, and with soundproofing benefits and an easy installation, these panels will add the perfect touch to your home office.

Acoustic Partitions

Location: Lancaster, Pensylvania
If you don’t have an office all to yourself, try sectioning off part of a room with these acoustic partitions by Loftwall. They come in a variety of designs, and some have wheels, so you can roll them to the side when not in use, or to another location in your home when needed.


Decorative Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Location: San Antonio, Texas
If your office sits on the first floor of your home, you may want to focus attention on your office ceiling to reduce the noise of footsteps and other movement from above. Armstrong Ceiling creates beautiful, yet understated decorative ceiling acoustic panels with raised or fluted designs.


Location: Newark, New Jersey
As a more affordable option, invest in door seals or sweeps like those by Randall Manufacturing to reduce the sound that comes through the cracks under and around your door. Once you realize how effective this option is, you may just go on a spree, adding them to all the doors in your home!


Soundproof Windows

Location: Reno, Nevada

We love a home office that utilizes natural light but glass does not block sound well. Soundproof Windows can handle this problem with their soundproof window inserts. You don’t need to replace your existing windows or worry about a difficult installation. These inserts fit right over your existing window to provide an extra layer of soundproofing.

Soundproof Curtains

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Every office worker knows the pain of a stiff neck and back. The human body wasn’t designed to sit all day, let alone crouch over a tiny screen. Thankfully, you can pick any type of furniture in your home office to suit your style. Size, storage options, color, you name it. 

But don’t forget your own comfort! Sit-stand desks have exploded in popularity, like the Think Desk by Juniper. You can make height adjustments through Bluetooth! If you get sore from sitting, raising the desk’s height to stand for a period is easy. For comfortable seating, look for ergonomic chairs that allow you to customize height, back, and neck support. Avoid those afternoon headaches and restless legs! 

Create a Pleasant Soundscape

Speaker with White Noise and Natural Soundscapes

Location: New York, New York
You now know how to keep undesirable sounds out of your office, but what about keeping the pleasant sounds? Loftie has created an incredibly popular alarm clock, speaker, white noise machine combination that connects to Bluetooth. You can play calming nature sounds or white noise to cover up any noise that still makes it into your office.

Additional Tips

Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind as you design your office and arrange your new soundproofing products.

Stack furniture against the wall

Consider placing shelves and storage units against the walls that allow the most passage of sound. Books and files block sound quite effectively – think of libraries!

Don't leave the room bare

Fill your office with a reasonable amount of decor on the walls and within the room. Objects block and dampen the flow of sound, while a room filled with only the bare bones can enhance reverberations.

Choose materials that absorb, rather than reflect sound

Wood and upholstered furniture will absorb sound much better than metal or plastic objects which can create unpleasant echoes.

Don’t forget to add the soft stuff

Invest in a thick carpet, and consider a reading chair or love seat for the corner. Adding in some throw pillows or blankets will keep your space serene.

Best of luck creating your dream, quiet office! Reach out on our social media and let us know which tips worked best for you!

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