What is VMAP? And How It Will Change Your Marketing

What is VMAP?

VMAP is a strategic marketing action plan founded on a clarified company vision, mission, and message.

When a company combines a clear focus on its vision with consistent execution, growth follows. Unfortunately, a company’s vision often shifts from focused to peripheral over time. As leadership demands grow, keeping departments aligned and moving in the same direction toward a big-picture goal is challenging.
This loss of alignment happens in marketing, too. As it does, leaders see slowing leads and sales and react by focusing on shorter-term results over longer-term strategy. This cycle leads to the company’s sales and marketing teams operating reactively instead of proactively.
VMAP, or Velocity Marketing Action Plan, breaks this cycle. VMAP is a strategic marketing action plan founded on a clarified company vision, mission, and message. When a company realigns all brand, communication, marketing, and sales efforts to a clear vision with deliberate goals, velocity happens toward achieving them.

How VMAP Impacts Marketing for Home Product Manufacturers

VMAP will benefit your company if it’s misfiring in any of the areas:

  1. Enhanced Strategic Focus: VMAP provides home product manufacturing leaders with a clear and aligned strategic focus. For example, you can define target market segments and tailor marketing messages accordingly.
  2. Accelerated Brand Recognition: By aligning marketing and developing consistent brand messaging across all marketing channels with a clarified message, VMAP helps boost brand recognition.
  3. Increased Sales Conversion: VMAP’s focus on clarity and purpose improves sales conversion rates by ensuring that every marketing message, campaign, and sales effort aligns with a clear and compelling mission. When customers understand not only what you offer but why it matters and how it can improve their lives, they are more likely to convert from prospects to buyers. VMAP empowers you to deliver a consistent and purposeful message that resonates with your target audience, making them more inclined to take the desired action, resulting in increased sales.
  4. Cost Efficiency: VMAP helps reduce marketing costs and maximize the impact of every marketing dollar by eliminating redundant or ineffective marketing strategies.
  5. Improved Customer Loyalty: When customers understand a company’s mission and how their products fit into their lives, brand alignment fosters stronger customer loyalty. VMAP drives engagement further with these customers through personalized email marketing and customer loyalty programs to improve word-of-mouth and referrals.
  6. Effective Product Launches: VMAP empowers companies to understand consumer needs better, easing the development of comprehensive products and smoothing launch efforts through a well-coordinated reach across a target audience.
  7. Streamlined Marketing Operations: VMAP simplifies marketing processes and allows companies to benefit from marketing automation and tracking tools that make them more efficient.
  8. Better Data Utilization: VMAP encourages data-driven decision-making for marketing efforts. With data analytics, companies can optimize their marketing strategies based on real-time results, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns and progress toward long-term goals.
  9. Cross-Departmental Alignment: VMAP facilitates alignment between marketing and other departments. For example, sales and marketing align because everyone aligns with the same mission and works toward the same short and long-term goals.
  10. Responsive Marketing Strategies: With a real-time system to gather and act on customer feedback, VMAP enables quick adjustments based on market changes and customer feedback.

Your Next Steps

If you want to apply the VMAP framework in your manufacturing company, contact Jason Otis at Perk Brands.

About the Author

Jason Otis is the president of Perk Brands and founder of Built for Home. Perk Brands is a digital marketing agency that partners with home product manufacturers to make their products easy to find and buy. Built for Home is a community of home product manufacturers and a resource for buyers to find products that make their lives better at home.


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